Green Environment

Save Nature

Planting trees Project

Our new life society considers environmental protection to be our first and foremost responsibility. If we work together, we may be able to save the environment from distraction and make significant changes in the world. As a result, we are encouraging everyone to plant one plant. Our New Life Society distributes fruit-giving plants like mango, guava, Jack tamarind, novel, and shadow-giving trees like Panama gal bra and nee. In commemoration of our country’s 75th anniversary of Independence Day, we intend to plant 75,000 tree plants throughout our district. We began plantation work on August 15th.

Canal cleaning Project

Farmers are irrigating their fields with canal water. Amal plants grew in the canals, obstructing the flow of water. It dried up the plants and paddy fields. Our farmers had a difficult time. Our New Life Society decided to assist them by cleaning the canals in the Thoothukudi District. Our ministry staff and volunteers work together to clean all of the canals and ensure that the water flows freely

babool trees destroying project

Seemai-Karuvelam Maram (Babool tree) The babool trees destroying the project. The trees deplete groundwater and significantly lowers water tables. No other trees can find water. Even if there is no groundwater, babool can absorb humidity in the air, reducing the likelihood of rain. Furthermore, the roots of babool can deplete soil nutrients and contaminate groundwater. No birds find shelter in these trees because they do not produce enough oxygen (it produces only carbon dioxide in huge quantities), their leaves, seeds, and other tree parts are useless to humans and animals. People without knowing its evil effects use these trees for firewood. To prevent the environment our New Life society introduces the Seemai-Karuvelam Maram Destroying project in Thoothukudi District and cut the trees.

Thamirabarani River Cleaning project

Thamirabarani, a perennial river, is a wonderful gift from God to the people of Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi. It is the only source of water for both the district’s residents. It passes through Alwarthiruneri, Eral, and mixes in the sea at Tiruchendur. On the two sides of the river, the babool trees grow both sides of the river. In the north East monsoon rain season, the flood will overflow and broke the two sides of the river. Also, the babool trees hide illegal activities like sand trafficking. To prevent shoreline erosion and illegal practices, our New Life Society has proposed removing all babool trees growing alongside the river from Alwarthiruneri to Eral.