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To show God’s love through Medical Ministry. To make access to quality medical provisions to vulnerable and marginalized people. And people from the surrounding villages with various ailments like fever, cold, Insect bites, Gastritis, UTI, AGE, LRI, URI, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cut Injuries, and General Weakness come for treatment. We also provide ambulance services to the rural population to avail emergency care. 

The New Life Multi-Specialty Mission Hospital is a four-floored hospital with 216 rooms and a Chapel. With all in-built medical facilities, High-Quality Medical assistance can be provided to the poor people living in rural settlements. We are earnestly working to complete the ground & first-floor works and desire to start the Hospital by this year 2022. Here, the access to the quality medical provision is less, which affects the well-being of poor people. With a great commission in bringing quality health care to a huge rural population, the New Life Multi-Specialty Mission Hospital project is emerging with all clinical provisions to supply quality health care. 

Friday Free Medical Camp Highlights

Medical camps are conducted on the hospital premises on Fridays of every week. Doctors are coming from the following Hospitals

Rose Mary Hospital

Luke Hospital

Peace Health Centre

Every month
are benefiting from this medical assistance

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